Friday, May 10, 2013

Central World!

April 25

After breakfast at the hotel I stashed my bags there for a few hours and walked around exploring the Sukhumvit neighborhood. To be honest there wasn't much to see during the day. The night market was probably the highlight and it was closed. Around 3:00 I got my stuff from the hotel and took the BTS sky train to Central World- the biggest mall Thailand, the 6th biggest mall in the world. It was a little to huge and extravagant for me. I can't even function properly at Fairlane mall with its 2.5 floors and confusing layout. Anyway this mall has to have every store known to man. I just went up to the 6th floor in section C where I already knew the bookstore is found online was. I bought 4 books, spent way too much money, but I'm going to need them over the next four months to maintain my sanity. At the rate I'm reading I'll finish the ones I brought from the US in about 2 months. I went upstairs to the food area, bought a water and spent some time reading. Around 6:30 I went outside with all my stuff to find some dinner (I was hauling two backpacks and a purse, another reason I didn't feel like browsing in the giant mall). I got some grilled pork skewers, watermelon and a water for about $2, which made me feel better about the expensive books. After I ate (and fed a dog the fat from my pork) I headed back into the mall for the air conditioning and spent an atrocious amount on cold stone ice cream-because I wanted ice cream, but also because I needed a place to sit and read to kill time. At about 8:30 Chollada called me and was ready to meet me to take me I her house. She and her family are very generously hosting me again! I feel bad because I stole her little brothers room :(

Anyway I was tired and glad to be somewhere familiar after a day of hauling my stuff around like a nomad who really likes reading.
awful Bangkok traffic
 6th largest mall in the world!

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