Sunday, June 16, 2013

boring weekend

Sunset over the reservoir Saturday night.

Well, luckily I finished the previous post about the playback early Friday night because at 9pm the electricity went out. I was confused because it wasn't even raining yet, but it must have been windy or stormy elsewhere in the park. Today we saw the damage along the road, lots of fallen branches and trees had been swept to the side of the road. So, since we were blessed to go a whole two weeks without a power outage, mother nature decided to be a real bitch and give us the worst one yet this time. Since there was nothing to do Friday night in the dark, I went to bed early and woke up at 7:30 Saturday morning for an early run before it got too hot. Yeah, that didn't happen. I realized once I was up that the electricity had not been restored in the night, and you know what that means, no water either. So, no showers, which definitely meant no running, since even the shortest slowest of runs here make me sweat buckets. I wasn't tired though so I didn't go back to bed, and instead spent the morning reading. We had planned to go to the store that afternoon, but as we had no idea when we would have a functioning refrigerator, we didn't think it wise to go buy a bunch of perishable food. So I sat and read, and read a different book, then switched back to the first. And so the day went. It was incredibly boring, and unfortunately also hot. I also for some reason had a swarm of fruit flies following me all day so I spent most of the day inside rather than on the porch because the swarm wasn't quite as big inside. Maybe I smelled like fruit?

My journal entry from Saturday reads a little something like this:
13.5 hours and counting, its a record!
Almost 16 hours. Ugh. Bored.
Now its almost 3, hot as hell, and going on 18 hours without power.
These fruit flies won't leave me alone! I want to kill them all!
The power better come back soon or I might starve.
19 hours.
20 hours: I'm going to fall over and die of boredom.
20:15 hours it came back on...but for how long...?

So, that was dramatic. Oops. I lucked out though because the power did stay on when it finally came back at 5:15 and I was able to get a short run in and make a hot dinner of rice and corn. I went to bed early because I had a video chat date with Jane in the morning.

Sunday I got up at 6am and video chatted with Jane, which was great. I got to hear all about her awesome Euro-trip and about her first week living in East Lansing, where she starts med school Monday! I laid in bed for a while after that, not quite tired enough to fall back asleep but not motivated enough to get up and run yet. I finally got myself out the door for a nice 3 mile run at about 8:45. When I got back I showered and had some breakfast and then Julie and I left for Pak Chong at around 10:30. It was a lovely (but hot) day again today. Unfortunately the days when its sunny and nice out here are the hottest ones, so I actually prefer rainy days to nice ones. I also think I have solved the mystery of why one arm is tanner than the other: its the arm that hangs out of the car window when we drive to Pak Chong, which is an hour long drive and it always seems to be sunny when we go. Its ridiculous and I need to figure out how to even that out. Anyway, since we went earlyish to town we didn't go to the market since it doesn't open until 3, so we just got everything we needed at Tesco. The big tragedy of the day was that Tesco had ZERO banana muffins today, which are like my staple snack. I normally eat at least two a day. I was super bummed. I bought extra cereal instead, which is a pricey substitute. I also bought half a roasted chicken with sticky rice which I ate half of when I got home and saved the other half. It was delicious. We stopped for mangoes on the way home which was a little tricky because most of the stands had green, unripe ones unfortunately, we eventually found a stand selling very ripe ones, so I hope they don't go bad to quickly. Anyway, that was the boring and hot weekend but tomorrow we will try another playback experiment so hopefully that is successful.

Oh, and happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world!! :)

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