Thursday, July 25, 2013

packing again

Well, sadly my time in Khao Yai is almost up. We are leaving Saturday morning and heading to Bangkok. Even more depressing is that this week could not have gone worse. We spent Tuesday, Wednesday and today cooped up inside because of the stupid rain! So I didn't even get to enjoy my last few days with the gibbons. My last day with the gibbons was Monday and that was the awful day with E. Not a good way to end things. I guess this means I definitely need to find gibbons when my family is here visiting in a few weeks.

Tomorrow will be our last full day in the park and besides packing we do have some fun plans. We will be going to one of the waterfalls for lunch with some of the people form the search and rescue unit. I am not sure which waterfall. I was listening to the conversation between Julie and the head of the S&R unit, which was half in Thai and half in English so it was hard to follow, but I think I heard him say "Narok" which is the name of the big waterfall that I haven't seen yet. I will be happy if that is the case. Although with all this rain it would still be cool to go back to Heo Suwat and see how much bigger it has gotten.

Right now I am sort of dreading packing everything into my suitcase. I haven;t acquired that much more stuff than I came with, but it still seems like a lot to fit into one bag and a backpack (or two). I hope I have extra space because I think I'll be going on a much needed mini clothes-shopping spree once I get to Bangkok. I am really sick of wearing the same 3 outfits day after day. Hopefully I manage to keep myself entertained in the two and a half weeks I have before my family comes for our vacation. I have plans to visit Kanchanaburi, near the border of Burma, which has some WWII historical sites and some nice waterfalls. I also plan on visiting Koh Samet, a small island on the eastern side of the Gulf of Thailand. It is apparently one of the drier places in Thailand, so I am hoping to have some sunshine at the beach and perhaps finally get a bit of a tan going before the end of the summer. In between I will be hanging out in Bangkok trying to readjust to life outside the jungle, working on grad school and GRE stuff, and eating plenty of fried bananas.

I get to see these goofballs in exactly three weeks!!! :D

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