Thursday, August 15, 2013

Koh Samui

Well after a few boring days spent in Bangkok wishing I hadn't gotten so sunburned in Pattaya, I decided it was time to do something else. I bit the bullet and bought a ticket through Air Asia that included a flight, a bus transfer, and finally a ferry to get to Koh Samui. Since the best part of this trip were the sights rather than the experiences, I decided to just post pictures and captions.

Bye bye Bangkok. Look at those clouds!
On the bus from the airport to the pier. Southern Thailand is very different from Central Thailand
 Ferry ride to Samui. This looks ominous.
 Saw a very cloudy sunset on the ferry.

 Storm clouds
 First day on the beach, just my luck it was cloudy all day!
 Chicken with Cashew nuts for lunch, they didn't skimp on the nuts. Yum!
 The sun showed its self a few times during the day.
 Swing Bar and Restaurant at my hotel (no it isn't how it sounds, there are swings at the bar instead of stools, that's all!)
 Fire show! I was stupid enough to allow myself to be a volunteer at one point and was hit in the head with a fireball which definitely singed a few hairs...

Made an Australian friend at the fire show Monday night and he took me sightseeing on the island on his motorbike all day Tuesday. It was a great deal, got a tour and he paid for most of it! ;) This was a little waterfall and statue garden at the top of the mountain.

 Next we visited a depressing tourist attraction, an animal park. This poor gibbon was tethered by her neck :( I was not happy.
 But the garden and views at the animal park were beautiful!
 So cloudy and dreary this day you could barely tell where the water met the sky!
 Next we visited the Namiuang waterfall, which involved some difficult sweat-inducing hiking. Flip flops were a poor shoe choice.

 Dinner at the Swing Bar on my last night on Samui
 Took an early morning walk down to the south end of Lamai beach on my last day.

 Surprised a few crabs who weren't expecting to be bothered by tourists so early in the morning!

Happy time every day! Haha
pretty coral rocks
Of course it was finally beautiful and sunny on the day I had to leave!
 The sun allowed me to get some great pictures on the ferry ride back to the mainland though.

 Couldn't believe how blue the water was!

So, after repeating the events from Sunday in reverse order I finally arrived back in Bangkok for my last night alone. My family arrives tonight for our vacation and I am so happy, but also sad because it means my time in Thailand is coming to an end. We still have two weeks to explore Thailand and I am so excited to be able to share with them everything I've learned here. I suppose the end of this adventure will just be the beginning of the next one.

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