Friday, August 9, 2013


Chollada picked me up in the morning from the awful Rainforest Guesthouse and we headed to Chatuchak to do some shopping while her sister was still at work. I didn't feel like buying anything but had fun browsing. Chollada and I had lunch and coconut ice cream for dessert. The coconut ice cream is comes with various toppings of your choice (jellies and sticky rice) and is served in a coconut shell, with a cup of coconut water to wash it down. At about 4:30 we had finished our shopping and Ink was out of work, so the three of us were on our way to Pattaya. This is a beach town about an hour and a half southeast of Bangkok. It is in the Chonburi providence which is an industrial area, and while we drove we passed a billboard in English calling it "The Detroit of the East" so I guess I was on my way home!

After settling into our hotel we headed out for some seafood for dinner and then afterward we went to a famous ladyboy cabaret show at Alcazar. The show was great and the ladyboys were beautiful! Mostly. I got my picture taken with not one, but three of them after the show, which unfortunately meant I had to tip them all. It was pretty late after the show to we went back to our room and went to sleep. Sunday morning we got up and went to a floating market for breakfast. Luckily I was with Chollada and Ink because apparently farangs have to pay to get in here, but Thais can bring two guests in free. We walked around the market browsing for a while. I had a deep fried ice cream and we fed baby goats and koi from bottles, which was weird. Next we went to an "illusion art museum" which was basically just a bunch of photo opportunities. This is great for Asian tourists who LOVE taking pictures of themselves, but not the most thrilling thing for me. So mostly I just enjoyed people watching. Next we went had had a snack and a nice little cafe called La Baguette. Then we went to the beach finally and sat down in chairs under umbrellas and had foot/legs massages and pedicures while we dozed off, which was pretty spectacular. You seriously cannot visit Thailand without getting at least one massage. They are so cheap, you would be crazy not to take advantage. After another seafood dinner Chollada and Ink left me  and I relaxed in my room the rest of the night.

Monday was a pretty laid back day. I spent the morning by the pool getting fried despite my efforts to "just get a little tan." Now I know, SPF 50 not 30 no matter what. I am too pale for tropical sun. So I spent the afternoon at the beach under and umbrella reading and relaxing. Considering I was red as a lobster I decided to head back to Bangkok Tuesday and not stay a fourth night in Pattaya. It was a nice trip, though Pattaya is more of a city for partiers and creepy dudes trying to find a Thai lady than outdoorsy nature chicks like me.

 A reminder for those who just can't get enough of the "squat and piss" toilets usually found in Thai public restrooms

 botched boob job...they were very uneven
 all the ladies after the show

 fried ice cream
 bottle feeding koi...?
 illusion art museum
 My favorite one, it was 3D but you couldn't tell until you got close. It made it look like the buildings were moving.

 lets pretend we are at a real waterfall and take a picture!
 banana chocolate crepe
 more seafood! 
 this was a huge feast for 3 people
 hotel pool

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