Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bangkok Day 1

My first day in Bangkok was a busy one. I woke up earlier that I would have liked because of jet lag. Then we had breakfast with Chollada's family (mom, aunt, sister, and a close family friend). Breakfast was a couple of different dishes, but was basically what you would expect to get at lunch or dinner; chicken, pork, fish, rice, etc. After breakfast, we got dressed in long sleeves and long pants so that we would be dressed appropriately for the temple. We then got in the car, drove to the skytrain, took the skytrain to the river, and took a boat to the Grand Palace. Here is where the Royal family lives and where the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is, this is apparently the most sacred Buddha to visit and pay respects to. After this we went to get lunch at a street cart (poor choice in retrospect, but I didn't want to be rude). Then we visited two more temples; one that had very steep stairs that we climbed up, and one that had an ENORMOUS reclining Buddha. At the last temple we all had Thai massages, which was pretty great. I was pretty much ready to go home and pass out at this point, but it was time for dinner and a show. We had dinner at calypso, and were entertained by traditional Thai dance while we ate. The food was great but I didn't eat much because my stomach hurt from lunch. Then after dinner was the best part, we went to a drag show! I felt like I was in Vegas, even though I've never been there. The so called "lady-boys" put on a spectacular show. After this it was finally time to go home, after the commute we finally got back around midnight and I fell asleep right away. It was a very long day.
At the Grand Palace

 Scary steps....
 Giant Buddha
 Don't fall!
 Dinner at Calypso
 Before the show
 Drag show

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