Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bangkok days 2,3 and 4...

Sunday, April 14

Today we went to the mall. We bought me a phone, after visiting several stores to find something cheap and prepaid. After we got my phone we walked around the market section of the mall and I got to try a bunch of new things. Candies and snacks and fruits. Most of it was too weird for me. They make a lot of desserts using some sort of a sweet yellow bean. It tastes a little like sugar cookie dough, but its a little weird. I don't like it that much, I think its an acquired taste. What I did LOVE was the baby pineapple! they have tiny pineapples that are like regular pineapples but sweeter, and they burn your tongue less! They are so delicious, they need to come to America. We had lunch in the mall at a Thai version of Chinese hot pot. basically it is a pot of broth in the middle of the table and you order a bunch of meats, seafoods, and vegetables and cook them in it. It was very good and I got to try a lot of things. After we went to the mall, we went to the local market and got some fruits and food for dinner. I had a fresh fruit juice, that I don't think made me any sicker, although I was worried it was going to. Then, just when I thought the day was over we went to the temple closest to Chollada's house to celebrate Songkran. We poured flower water on Buddha, and built a sand castle for Songkran. It was a fun day, but I was very tired and feeling a little sick from Saturday's lunch. When we got home I laid down for a while. Chollada and I went to her friends house for a little birthday gathering. We hung out for a bit and had some cake before heading home.

Monday, April 15. Chollada's Birthday!

Today we woke up early to go celebrate Songkran with water fighting. Chollada, Ploy and I went to meet with some for Ploy's friends from her university. We then went to a HUGE temple to pray for a good day. This temple apparently houses some of Buddha's bones which are scattered throughout various Buddhist counties. After the temple we had ice cream...with sticky rice in it! Weird, but not bad. After we had ice cream we hung out at one of the girl's houses for a while until lunch was ready. It was delicious. there was spicy chicken, egg, a cauliflower and shrimp dish, and noodles in a sweet sauce. Finally, after all that we were ready to go to the busy area of town where everyone celebrates Songkran with water. we took a (slightly terrifying) three-wheeled car called a Tuk Tuk. Armed with water guns we headed into the war-zone. We were soaked within minutes. The worst was the ice cold water that was being sold to refill people's guns. People were also using a talc powder mixed with water to make a paste they was wiped on everyone's faces. I was very popular for spaying with water and for wiping powder on because I'm a foreigner. After a few hours we were cold (huge surprise, never thought I'd be cold in this country), so we headed back home. We then showered off all the powder and headed to a great seafood restaurant for Chollada's birthday. Her boyfriend came 5 hours just for dinner! How sweet. We had huge grilled shrimps (whole-we had to behead and peal them ourselves), and huge steamed shrimps with noddles, fried sea bass, scallops, fried rice with crab meat, cockles (weird), 2 seafood soups, and I cannot ever remember what else. When we went home we had two different kinds of birthday cake for Chollada.

Tuesday, April 16

Today was a lazy day. I slept in and got to Skype with Nathan when I woke up. Chollada slept pretty late, when she was up we ate brunch: steamed chicken and rice and friend chicken and rice. It was really good, whatever sauce we used to put on it was delicious. Then I say around and watched some TV. In the afternoon we went to the wholesale market to Chollada's sister could buy some fabric to make a dress. We ate some DELICIOUS Pad Thai at a street cart (so good I don't even care if it gives me the shits). After we ate we took a taxi back home and have spent the evening relaxing and watching TV (and catching up on this).

It is my last night in Bangkok, tomorrow I will take the bus to Pak Chong and then go into the national park with Julie. Hopefully the internet will be good and I'll be able to post somewhat often, but we will see how it goes.

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