Friday, April 19, 2013

snakes on snakes on snakes

The bad news: today it took us forever to find the H group because they were silent all morning, and when we found them they were so high in a tree that there wasn't enough visibility to do any scans or the python experiment.

The good news: I sort of learned how to collect some data. I learned how to use my GPS a little better. We did at least see some gibbons, the R group, and I got some decent photos.

 Henry scratching his leg
 The whole family. Juvenile Rarin grooming mom Brit, dad Henry on left.
Henry putting on a show.

After the R group crossed the river we went back to search for the H group. We FINALLY found them lazily feeding way up in a tree. As we were watching Julie looked down and noticed about 5 meters from us was a snake...wait, no...two snakes; one eating the other! We stepped a little closer and saw it was a cobra feasting on something that looked WAY too big for it, but in doing so we scared it off. It coughed up its meal and slithered away quickly in the opposite direction. We stood still watching, knowing the other snake might not be dead, and might be dangerous. Indeed, it wasn't dead and soon started slowly moving. It swayed drunkenly from the neurotoxin of the cobra and attempted to slither away. This gave us plenty of opportunities to take pictures! I felt bad for the little guy, I'm assuming he died eventually, but her put up quite a fight. He hissed at us when we got too close by accident, thinking he's already gone, and he moved feebly away while flies circled him, he must have already smelled like death.

 Mr. cobra's lunch is as big as he is!
 Victim in a daze.
 waking up a but, but still struggling

Then, as we were leaving, we saw this guy! Some sort of wild rooster looking thing. He was making a lot of noise at us.

And finally, here is a picture of the river. It was narrow here so we could cross to get back to the truck.

So, even though we didn't get much done in terms of the project, it was an interesting day in the forest for me. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for finding gibbons though!

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  1. That roostery guy is some sort of pheasant. I scanned through a number of pix online but couldn't pin down a specific species. There are a LOT of pheasants in Thailand, I see, most of them gorgeous. I did find an issue of stamps here: